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960 pp., 8 1/2" x 11", Hardcover, ©2013

For programs above 600 hours (Only includes advanced content, Fundamentals text still required)

Milady Standard Esthetics: Advanced, second edition is an essential tool for students enrolled in advanced esthetics programs and critical for anyone serious about achieving a higher level of success in the beauty and wellness field. This new edition demonstrates Milady's commitment to providing the most current, cutting-edge educational resources to esthetic students and professionals anxious to expand and perfect their skills in one of the fastest growing industries of the day. It responds to the increasing demand for a more robust knowledge of skin care principles and techniques resulting from trends in medical esthetics as well as in hospitality and tourism.

Milady Standard Esthetics: Advanced encompasses the broad areas of advanced skin sciences, including skin disorders and the updated ABC's of skin cancer; advanced esthetic techniques and devices; spa and alternative therapies; and working in a medical setting, including plastic surgery procedures and pre- and post-medical treatments. An introductory section addresses changes in esthetics to keep the student up-to-date on the newest technology and products, plus the final two chapters delve into financial business and marketing skills vital for rounding out success in the world of esthetics.

  • Photos that address broader ethnic types including people of multiple ethnicities.
  • Additional coverage of neurotoxin therapy, dermal filler products, hormones, chemistry and laser and light energy.   
  • Advanced devices chapter consolidates facial, laser and light device information making it easier to reference.   
  • New information provided on advanced skin disorders and skin typing, including the Roberts Skin Typing System bringing students up-to-date on recent breakthroughs in the skin care industry.   
  • Addition of "Learning Objective" completion icons and a pronunciation glossary for difficult to pronounce words.
  • More than 1,200 full-color illustrations and photographs help students visualize important techniques.
  • Detailed protocols with step-by-step photos demonstrate how to perform a diversity of advanced services and aid the learning process. 
  • "Focus On," "Did You Know," and other activity boxes help students master key concepts and procedures.


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  • Robust self-service tools assist with reporting, time tracking, and compliance
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  • Detailed, interactive exercises
  • Reinforce learning
  • Increase student comprehension
  • The workbook has been updated to match the contents of Milady Standard Estehtics: Advanced, 2e.

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EXAM REVIEW | TESC9781111139124

  • Chapter-by-chapter multiple choice questions 
  • The answer key at the back of the book allows students to check accuracy and identify weak areas.
  • The questions themselves are unique to this supplement.
  • The Exam Review has been updated to match the contents of Milady Standard Esthetics: Advanced, 2e.

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  • Step-By-Step Procedures
  • Used in conjunction with textbook to perfect key procedures
  • Rubric for instructor or self-grading 
  • Step-by-Step Photos accompanied by detailed explanations
  • Full-Colour 
  • Spiral-Bound
  • The Step-By-Step Procedures has been updated to match the contents of Milady Standard Esthetics: Advanced, 2e.

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  • Lesson Plans
  • Transition Guides
  • Answer Key to the Student Workbook

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  • Lesson Plans
  • Transition Guides
  • Answer Key to the Student Workbook
  • Computerized Test Bank with 1,000 questions   
  • Image Library with photos and illustrations from the textbook

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DVD SERIES, 1st. ed. | TESC9781435412880

  • 2 hours of content on 3 DVDs
  • Contains many of the practical procedures from the textbook shown with step-by-step accuracy.
  • Note: this item has not been updated.  It corresponds to the 1st ed.

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  • PowerPoint™ Slides   
  • Chapter-by-chapter outline of content

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  1. Changes In Esthetics
  2. Infection Control
  3. Advanced Histology of the Cell and the Skin
  4. Hormones
  5. Anatomy and Physiology: Muscles and Nerves
  6. Anatomy and Physiology: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
  7. Chemistry and Biochemistry
  8. Laser, Light Energy, and Radio Frequency Technology
  9. Wellness Management
  10. Advanced Skin Disorders: Skin in Distress
  11. Skin Typing and Aging Analysis
  12. Skin Care Products: Chemistry, Ingredients and Selection
  13. Botanicals and Aromatherapy
  14. Ingredients and Products for Skin Issues
  15. Pharmacology for Estheticians
  16. Advanced Facial Techniques
  17. Advanced Skin Care Massage
  18. Advanced Facial Devices
  19. Advanced Hair Removal
  20. Advanced Makeup
  21. Spa Treatments
  22. Complementary Wellness Therapies
  23. Ayurveda Theory and Treatments
  24. Working in a Medical Setting
  25. Medical Terminology
  26. Medical Intervention
  27. Plastic Surgery Procedures
  28. The Esthetician's Role in Pre- and Postmedical Treatments
  29. Financial Business Skills
  30. Marketing